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About us

Starting in 2016, a small creative team driven by technology that is slowly finding their footing in the Seychelles market started Active Group. A full marketing and public relations agency with different products being released to further their core business. Our Services

we give your brand a great way to reach a wide audience through printed media.

Creative Advertising

We can help solve you creative problems with some very innovative solutions.

Strategic Marketing

Whether it is a product launch or re-inventing your brand, we got you covered.

PR Management

Create and maintain a good relationship with your target audience.


State the problem, specify the customer set, identify the goals, and outline the target process.


Decide what parameters need to be quantified, work out the best way to measure them, collect the necessary data, and carry out the measurements by experiment.


Identify performance goals and determine how process inputs are likely to affect process outputs.


Work out details, optimize the methods, run simulations if necessary, and plan for design verification.


Check the design to be sure it was set up according to plan, conduct trials of the processes to make sure that they work, and begin production or sales.


Using different channels to get your products or services sold, engaging your audience and getting new audience.

There are seven important aspects to effectively develop a Brand:
1. Knowing everything about your target market and eliminate guesswork.
2. Knowing everything about your competition and how they sell to your target market.
3. Emphasize on your strengths, exploit the competitions weaknesses and give yourself the best chance to win.
4. Never try to do more than your resources will allow.
5. Find a niche that you can own and defend it from anyone trying to jump on that wagon.
6. Answer your target market's critical questions by being a leader in providing credible and valid information to their questions.
7. Do more than the common convention by developing a non-conventional and comprehensive marketing strategy for your target audience.

Your website is the most important brand marketing tool you can have in your arsenal and have a great web strategy and design. Everything on your website should reflect the integrity, positioning and competency of your brand. Many people who know a bit of html and css will claim to understand brands but only a web strategist who is guided by online branding standards can really create a powerful website that engages the user. This is our difference and it’s why our web strategies and designs are what a company who is serious about their brand needs.

Our methodology is to discover the truth about the essence of your brand. Our goal is to thoroughly understand what your customers really want from your brand and gather insight that allows us to develop the perfect creative messaging that your target audience needs to hear before they will buy. With our data-collection methods, utilizing a myriad of traditional and nontraditional techniques that uncover real answers to specific problems. The results are brands and messaging strategies that are always on target and culturally relevant.

Our sister company works with some of the most experienced and talented creative professionals and places emphasis on winning new business for our clients. We specialise in crafting your creative strategy and then take your unique brand message to market. Through our approach and product, we work to break through the market clutter and deliver a powerful message in a way that only your brand can say. The goal is to capture attention, drive responses, and make your brand famous for something.


Executing attention-grabbing ideas that propel brands to great success by being an end to end solution for an organizations branding need, some of our services include:

  • Graphic Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Video Production
  • Print Media
  • Television Commercials
  • Radio Commercials
  • Social Media Marketing and many more


It is not enough to just get a logo and setup shop somewhere. You need to create and maintain a strong positive image with your audience for the sake of your brand. Proper audience engagement and maintainance is the key to your business success and we achieve this by first answering these simple questions before the how :


Who are the people involved in the PR plan and who are we addressing?
Who do we liaise with and who makes the final decisions?

What is the end goal?
What do you do?
Is it risk management?
What happened, step by step and what should be done to mitigate the situation?
Is it a change in policies, a change in your services?
What are they?

When do you wish to start?
When should your PR campaign be available to the public?

Where should our focus be?
Social media,Television, Radio or driving traffic to your website?
Where can people reach you for feedback?


Why do you need our PR Services?
Why are you good at what you do?
Why do you do what you do?

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